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Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have an enormous potential to better contribute to their cities, regions, and nations through calling upon the society, government and businesses to work together. This can be done through developing future talent to power out economies, supporting employees’ career development and lifelong learning, offering important discoveries to the local community, or fuelling the societal and entrepreneurial development of a region to name a few. As the Higher Education Institutions can be seen as the key ‘knowledge creators’, there is a need to further integrate engagement with external partners in the research and educational missions of universities. Right now, the efforts are often scattered across technology transfer and external engagement offices.

To support the HEIs in further realising this potential, we need a deeper understanding of the means and factors that enable engagement with SMEs. The measurement methods that are in being used now focus mostly on quantitative outcomes, while ignoring other forms of engagement and mechanisms that need to be in place.


This is where Engagement Readiness Monitor Project steps in


The aim of the Erasmus+ funded project Engagement Readiness Monitor is to advance the engagement between universities and businesses by developing a holistic approach towards measuring and integrating university-business engagement. Over the next two years we will be developing tools to measure and scale the socially impactful cooperation. We set the following three objectives:

      1. Gain an in-depth understanding of universities’ engagement with business and their readiness to co-operate in various engagement activities.
      2. Develop a novel tool for the evaluation of the university engagement readiness at an institutional level.
      3. Design a toolkit that will help increase the engagement readiness of universities.

All the resources that we will produce will be made available for free on this website.

The Engagement Readiness Monitor Project is a partnership of universities, businesses and intermediaries from the Netherlands, France, Finland, Czech Republic and Italy. Head over to our Consortium page to find out more about the partners.

Do you want to stay updated on the project? You can already follow our LinkedIn and Twitter account on which we will post updates and relevant news. Do you want to know more about the project or share it with someone else? You can download our brochure and flyer on this page!

Do you undertake a similar initiative and would like to exchange the good practices, get involved in our research activities and contribute with your insights to the project development? Contact us.

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